Y-Strap™ is a decompression tool used to stretch the back to release pressure from the vertebrae along the spine from top to bottom.

It is inspired by manual spine traction techniques in the Y-Axis to help reduce the tension in the vertebrae along the spine.

image of y-strap chiropractic tool
image of y-strap chiropractic tool

Y-Strap™ - The Original


The Original​

CoMfortable padding

Grooved hypoalergic padding adapts to every body.

Special Adjuster

Our special adjuster avoids strap torsion and guarantees long lasting performance.


Large 12" (30cm) handgrip ensures complete pull control.

Chin Strap

Adaptative 17" (45cm) chin strap fits perfectly.

Free shipping

All orders include free shipping via expedited Air Mail to the US, Canada and EU, ensuring fast delivery.

Made in the EU

Our High Quality hand-crafted production in the EU ensures material and manufacturing quality to the highest standards.

Secure payment

PayPal and Stripe are available to order using a secure and fast payment.

image of y-strap body adjustment tool

Meet our tool, the Y-Strap™

Meet our tool:

The Y-Strap™

The Y-Strap decompression tool is used to stretch the back to release pressure from the vertebrae along the spine.

This tool helps to stretch the spine with slow and constant force, relaxing the muscles and releasing tension in the back and neck.

This full body stretch uses a neck strap: The Y-Strap adjustment tool, to manually decompress the spine.

What our clients say about us

What our clients
say about us

Our patients are extremely pleased with a the relief they experience when our licensed chiropractors use the Y-Strap, as needed. Many say their back pain is has reduced tremendously. They also love the convenience of being able to stop in for a treatment on any evening and weekends so thumbs up for the y-strap!
Vicky Ciabattari
Vicky C.
17:42 29 May 20
Very happy with ordering the Y-Strap and it works great. My patients really like it! It is able to get movement in the neck and even lower in the spine that I am unable to get in other diversified methods.
Dr Aaron Shakarian
Dr Aaron S.
14:25 29 May 20
Y-Strap is such a great tool for any office! My patients like when I use it on them almost so much so that if I don’t they feel like something is missing.
Dustin Hackston
Dustin H.
12:41 29 May 20
The product came fast and is exactly what I wanted! This product gives me awesome control for long axis distraction adjustments of the cervical spine while providing comfort for the patient. - Dr. Shane at Kinesio Care Center
Shane Wernke
Shane W.
15:34 28 May 20
The patients that have needed the y-strap adjustment have given us very good feedback. Better and more effective than using our hands when we need more force. Excellent treatment tool.
Roy S
Roy S
14:42 28 May 20
Great product
Shawn Blad
Shawn B.
13:06 28 May 20
Uma experiência terapêutica fantástica o uso deste aparelho maravilhoso que tantos pacientes tem ajudado ao longo do tempo da sua aplicação. Obrigado por tudo. Tem sido uma ferramenta extraordinária.
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo S.
12:46 28 May 20
I have been using the y-strap for some time now and am more than satisfied. With the right tool and the right know-how, this is an ideal combination to help patients to be free of pain.Thank you so much.👍🏼Greetings from Salzburg Austria.🇦🇹
Roland Aicher
Roland A.
21:13 26 May 20
A great tool to add to your practice.
Britt Thornburg
Britt T.
18:56 22 May 20
Can anyone use this
Billy A
Billy A
19:11 16 May 20
Great product, fast response and quick international delivery
Tyron Waters
Tyron W.
20:03 03 May 20
Our clinic has been using Y-strap for years on 1000's of cervical patients. Results are fantastic! Couldn't be happier. If your clinic sees neck injuries, this instrument is a must have. Dr E Homa
15:34 29 Apr 20
Ottimo strumento, davvero fondamentale per l’attività clinica di tutti i giorni. Credo non debba mancare a chiunque si occupi di manipolazioni vertebrali.
Davide Pio Dragano
Davide Pio D.
22:39 31 Mar 20
Very easy on my hands to use . It’s a great addition to my treatments .
Jason Palmer
Jason P.
21:12 31 Mar 20
Works great. Easy to use.
Dr. Matt Alexander
Dr. Matt A.
20:16 31 Mar 20
Works as expected so far. The few people we have used it with say that it is comfortable around the head, and it is less strenuous on my shoulders when performing the traction.
Steven Peters
Steven P.
16:02 31 Mar 20
Exceptional Service. Very easy to order and deal with.The product arrived swiftly
George Prorellis
George P.
23:46 30 Mar 20
Great product and comfortable. Patient that requested I get it to use on him, was very appreciative and very happy with the results.
Dave Berkebile
Dave B.
20:24 30 Mar 20
My patients love the Y-Strap!
Amy Shumway
Amy S.
20:22 30 Mar 20
Nice consturction, very pleased with the Y-Strap! I'm sure adding this to my protocol will help many people.
20:14 30 Mar 20
Thanks for providing such an awesome tool for helping me get my patents better.
David Stone
David S.
19:40 30 Mar 20
Loving the Y-Strap!
Frank Kaden
Frank K.
19:16 30 Mar 20
Great product and customer service team!
Dr. Kyle Wallner
Dr. Kyle W.
18:20 30 Mar 20
Occipital lift adjustments have always been a bit of a challenge, but are often the source of the patient’s problems. I am so excited to have a device that efficiently allows me to release this area! (And gives some full spine traction at the same time! Bonus!) Love the Y-Strap!!
Karla Joyce
Karla J.
15:18 30 Mar 20
I love my y-strap. It is far superior to decompression the spine then what I was using previously, which was a gown.
Michael VanDerschelden
Michael V.
14:47 30 Mar 20
Patients requested I purchase and use this product by name. Works great. People love it.
John Allen
John A.
14:38 30 Mar 20
I have been a Chiropractor for 24 years now and have used many different effective adjusting techniques. The Y-Strap is now at the top of my list. Patients love this adjustment. Most patients tell me they feel like a big weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Many patients are reporting that their neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain, numbness and weakness is going away after just 2-3... treatments. Other patients tell me that their mid and upper back feel better than ever now. The Y-Strap adjustment has added another tool to my toolbox of excellent ways to help patients get well naturally. Thank you Y-Strap.read more
Carey Skorski
Carey S.
14:09 13 Mar 20
Excellent services and prompt shipping of my product. I will definitely purchase additional y-straps as needed for my clinic from them in the future.
David Jones
David J.
13:50 04 Mar 20
My patients love the comfort and gentle traction as part of their visit.
eric mierzejewski
eric M.
15:22 10 Feb 20
As a chiropractor who utilizes spinal decompression in office, I appreciate that sometimes it's nice to be able to provide a more customized traction. The y-strap completely fills that void for us. I am a happy owner of the y-strap. I have found it to be a very effective treatment for my cervical disc herniation patients.
Erica Vislobokova
Erica V.
19:55 06 Feb 20
Weve only had our Y-Strap about six months and are already amazed with results. patients are always happy with the treatment and its been able to adjust some of our more difficult patients with ease
Macomb Chiropractic
Macomb C.
17:44 06 Feb 20
Our patients are so excited that we have incorporated the Y-Strap into our clinic. Fantastic product, fantastic results!
Dr Greco
Dr G.
22:29 31 Jan 20
Excellent product an a fantastic customer experience. Thank You !!!
Jan Kaplowitz
Jan K.
17:42 31 Jan 20
Prodotto eccellente e molto utile!
Andrea Marino
Andrea M.
08:23 28 Jan 20
First off I want to thank the customer service team for the great service they had provided me upon emailing information regarding the Y-Stap. My package was lost back in December around the holidays due the postal office. Y-strap customer service immediately sent out a replacement for me which arrived on time. The Y-strap is well made and met my expectations and durability need. I've heard... great things from my colleagues regarding the Y-Strap. I also used it for a month and have had some amazing results. My patients are responding well to the new treatment and happy with the results. I highly recommend the Y-strap for spinal decompression treatments along with Chiropractic adjustments.read more
Davis Nguyen
Davis N.
22:27 22 Jan 20
its arrived in the Netherlands. First practice it looks like from your website. Thanks
George Ellis
George E.
11:41 22 Jan 20
I have been adjusting a 50 year old woman for 3 months with a lot of pain in her neck and back but could never get any release of the vertebra. Last week I used the y strap and she felt a release in her spine and is 70% improved pain.
20:25 21 Jan 20
The perfect tool for adjusting or stretching patients on the Y axis!
Paul Boston
Paul B.
13:36 02 Jan 20
Been using the Y-Strap as part of my cervical adjustment routine. It's great for patients with cervicogenic headaches.
Larry Peshkin
Larry P.
15:39 30 Dec 19
Best tool to decompress the spine and release pain. Shipping and customer support are perfect. Thank you for helping so many people
Christopher Karolus
Christopher K.
22:16 29 Dec 19
I’ve been pleased with the Y-Strap. The product is durable and easy to use. My patient’s responses are interesting. I am getting positive results with pinched nerves in neck and upper back.
Kirstein Chiropractic
Kirstein C.
19:47 29 Dec 19
Great spinal correction device ..
Robert Scarnecchia
Robert S.
13:36 29 Dec 19
Fast delivery and good quality. I recommand
norman dornier
norman D.
09:44 29 Dec 19
So I am new to the Y-Strap but I've been doing long axis work by hand to the C spine and when I was at NUHS I used a towel to do the tx to the C spine. This strap takes it to the next level and while I gently describe to my patient what will happen, their reaction is typically a startled look that morphs into a quick grin and laughter! After the "wow" is exclaimed they move their neck around and... they can't believe how much better they feel. It's simple and fun to do and your patients will appreciate that you do something that no other DC has performed on them. It's a winner! For such a small investment, get yours and you'll be using it dozens of times each day!read more
Richard Carpenos
Richard C.
22:05 28 Dec 19
I'm very pleased with the Y-Strap. It's simple, but high quality design makes it super easy to perform long axis traction on my patients. My patients are raving about it and that makes me very happy
Eric Herman
Eric H.
20:02 28 Dec 19
I've been using y-strap in my practice and recommend it!
Pedro Miguel Candoso Castro Lopes
Pedro Miguel Candoso Castro L.
19:45 28 Dec 19
Love it! Great for cervical traction and occipital lift.
Ed Wilson
Ed W.
17:58 23 Dec 19
The Y strap device is a simple, and effective tool when used by a trained professional. My patients are already enjoying its benefits.
Andy Hosenfeld
Andy H.
14:13 23 Dec 19
Excelente producto! tengo mas de 15 anios de experiencia en quiropractica y con esta herramienta, me facilita mucho mis ajustes, incluyen el sujetador para quijada pero hasta ahorita no lo e necesitado! Gracias
Carlos Hecht
Carlos H.
21:09 22 Dec 19
I am an Italian osteopath who uses Y-Strap and I am very happy. I can pull the cervical more effectively and for longer. Even my patients are very happy and immediately feel much benefit. I advise!
Dott. Nicola Giacintucci
Dott. Nicola G.
16:39 21 Dec 19
I've been using the Y-Strap for a month and have had some amazing results. My patients really like it and are referring new patients because of it. It's a win-win for my patients and my practice. I would highly recommend using it in ones practice.
Dr Paul Monitto, DC
Dr Paul Monitto, D.
13:49 18 Dec 19
Great useful tool for adjusting
Danny Song
Danny S.
14:40 17 Dec 19
The Y-strap instrument has become an integral part of my daily patient treatment regimen. In has also become the patients' "favorite" part of the session! They absolutely love the instantaneous relief and release that the protocol delivers, with an, almost always, predictable sigh, followed by laughter at the stress reduction that accompanies the movement. I highly recommend incorporating this... device into your practice!Dr. Troy W. Godseyread more
Troy Godsey
Troy G.
14:33 17 Dec 19
very fast delivery .. super quality .. my patients love it .. nice greetings from germany
Mediness Darmstadt
Mediness D.
09:33 17 Dec 19
Worth the price and good experience
09:13 17 Dec 19
Gran prodotto e assistenza super qualificata è disponibile.
Andrea Marino
Andrea M.
15:11 14 Dec 19
Servicio rápido y calidad! 100% recomendable para profesionales
Carmen De la Cerda Arellano
Carmen De la Cerda A.
11:18 14 Dec 19
great product! the whole process from order to delivery was great.
Andrew Leitzke
Andrew L.
21:23 13 Dec 19
Works well. Patients report that they notice a difference.
paul pfeifler
paul P.
12:15 28 May 20

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